You can view and download all my tattoo the designs from my google photo gallery.

My newest designs created on an iPad with Procreate or Sketchbook Pro.

Featured Designs

Older Designs created with pencil, paper and ink.

Hand Drawn Tattoo Designs

If you want to see some of my designs after they are inked check out the gallery below.

Pictures of My Designs on Skin

If you use one of my designs a picture of the finished design inked on skin would be greatly appreciated.

Any other use is strictly prohibited unless you receive my prior written authorization. I’m partial to black ink with simple curves and sometimes a little color. All my designs start off with pencil and paper or on my iPad. I start with a simple outline that I refine with ink and color. In spite of my best efforts there will be minor imperfections in lines and points. Most tattoo artist can correct this during the tattooing process.

Picture 132.jpg

All my designs are free and will stay free of course. Thanks.